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Hi, My name is Dr.  Pradnya Raje. I practice Integrated Health, with a niche in ADHD, anxiety, and women's health. I am currently located in Fairfield, Iowa.  I have been trained as an MD in Family Medicine (in practice for 13 years), in anti-aging medicine with A4M, and in Functional Medicine.  I am also trained as an Ayurveda Health Counselor and Digestion Specialist through the Joyful Belly School of Ayurveda.  I am currently doing a fellowship in Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine at Maharishi International University in collaboration with Andrew Weil University. I have received 200 hours of Yoga teacher training from Gilbert Yoga with Cassandra Bright, along with a fellowship in yoga for pain with Christian Leeby (BKS Iyengar Yoga). I incorporate yoga postures and breathing practices in the treatment of my patients quite regularly. I love learning new techniques to help my patients.

I am a very patient and compassionate listener and am always willing to hear the story from the patient's perspective. My experience in different alternative medicine fields along with conventional medicine has not only helped me personally in recovering and maintaining my own health but has also helped a lot of my patients. Over the years, I have worked more and more with the patient population that is dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, and ADHD. During the Covid years I branched out from mainstream practice and worked in a direct primary care clinic so that I could allow more time for my patients during consultations. During that time, my meditation and yoga practice grew stronger and I started understanding my own energy sensitivity and empathic nature. This has helped me understand my patient population even better and help them come up with a personalized medicine plan using the combination of different modalities that I am trained in. 

I moved to Fairfield, Iowa in August 2023 to support my daughter's education at the wonderful Maharishi School. I think it is a great school for sensitive kids as it offers regular meditation and yoga practice, along with very loving, caring, and compassionate teachers. The beautiful nature of Iowa is a huge help in grounding energy-sensitive people as well. 

I love gardening and just started dabbling in clay art. I  am married with 2 beautiful daughters and feel that life is blessed overall. I have strong faith in nature's healing abilities and the body's own healing abilities. So being in Iowa with a population that loves to meditate and the bountiful nature has been a great blessing.

Please find below brief videos  I have made about my take on functional medicine, ADHD in moms, and Ayurveda.

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