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Eat your water and drink your food, say what?!

Yes, you read that right. Water does need to be digested by your body, so there is an appropriate way to drink water. That way it does not weaken your digestion or your kidneys.

Check out the video about water I have linked on front page.

Here are some quick tips to remember about drinking water:

1. Sip water throughout the day instead of guzzling it down in one sitting. Drink it mindfully in small sips like taking small bites of food

2. Avoid ice cold water. Drink room temperature water. Warm water is even better as it has detoxifying properties.

3. Avoid drinking excess water immediately after having a meal, as this can dilute digestive juices and make it hard to digest your meal

4. Coffee/ tea actually dehydrate the body, so we need extra dose of water when drinking these.

5. Try to sit down when drinking and eating, guzzling down a bottle of water while walking around can be hard on the valves (sphincters) in your gut.

Now, to address the drink your food part, that is true as well. The more you chew your food, the better it will get digested. According to Ayurveda, we should chew each morsel of food 32 times. Well, if we cannot chew 32 times, at least we can chew till it is almost semi liquid before we swallow it. Remember, fair amount of digestion of food is supposed to happen in our mouth. If we do not take time to chew our food we are going to miss it. Check my post on digestion tips to explore this topic further.

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