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Healthy eating habits

Here are some useful diet tips from Ayurveda that actually do not involve a diet. Please watch video link if you prefer more auditory/ video input

1. Eat local, seasonal fresh foods, prefer organic if possible, at least avoid the dirty dozens

(These are foods with high pesticide content)

2. Avoid processed sugar, processed foods, ice cold anything especially at night/ when you are sick/ travelling, not sleeping / otherwise having digestive trouble

3. Set a routine, try to eat meals at the same time if possible

4. Eat only when hungry, if you are consistently not hungry, this is indicative of digestive problem, discuss with your provider how this can be helped. Simple remedy like a slice of ginger with warm water/ fresh ginger tea and a walk in the backyard can stimulate appetite in a pinch.

Not feeling full and satisfied for 3-4 hours after your meals could also indicate possible digestive problem/ stress/ sugar imbalance.

5. Drink a glass of warm water half an hour before your meal

6. Favor warm soupy food over dry cold foods

7. Favor easier to digest food over difficult to digest foods, please find list of difficult to digest foods in the separate attachment. Baby the digestion when you are stressed, under the weather, travelling, lack of sleep, low appetite

8. Be mindful when eating. That means just eat when eating, no multitasking when eating

9. Specific food recommendations, digestive enzymes, probiotic supplements can be recommended per your specific condition if needed

10. Decrease alcohol consumption, alcohol can compete with other toxins and hormones for clearance and will clog the detox pathways

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